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AUC#59 - Lot 67 : Silver
Coins of Mughal Empire

Mughals, Jahangir, Silver, Rupee, Patna Mint, Nur-ud-din type, Ilahi series, AH 1066, RY 12 with 2nd Month of Ardibihisht at top on reverse (KM# 145.12). This is an unusual error because of two reasons: Firstly, the AH year is 1066 which may be considered as retrograde for 1022. However, even if its read as 1022, then secondly, the Regnal Year is 12 is not matching with 1022. RY 12 is found combined only in the later years of AH 1025 and 1026. Hence this is an extremely Rare combination of two errors, which is rarely found on coins of Jahangir and Mughals. About Extremely Fine, Very Rare such error years.

Estimate : ₹. 8000 - 12000

Realized Value 8000

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