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“Easy to buy at Rajgor’s”

We welcome you as a bidder to Rajgor’s saleroom. This easy guide will facilitate you in buying at the Rajgor’s.

Kindly note that all properties auctioned at Rajgor's are subject to Important Notices, Conditions of Sale and to Reserves as printed in the catalogue and/or as listed on the website,

1. How to Buy at Rajgor’s?

Before you can bid on a property, you must register as a Bidder for the sale.

2. What is Registration?

To bid in an auction, all prospective buyers must register with Rajgor’s in advance. Buyers can bid in their individual capacity or on behalf of a corporate or other entity.
If this is your first time bidding at Rajgor’s, you will need to fill the Registration form and the following documents in order to facilitate your registration:

  1. Copy of PAN Card,
  2. Bank Statement of the latest month, and
  3. An address proof (Adhar Card, telephone, electricity, driving license or passport).
Corporate Clients
  1. Copy of PAN Card,
  2. Bank Statement of the latest month,
  3. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation,
  4. An address proof (telephone or Electricity) bearing the same address as on the form,
  5. Copy of VAT / TIN registration certificate, and
  6. Copy of VAT / TIN registration certificate, and
  7. A Board Resolution authorising the selected representative of the Company to bid in the auction on its behalf and bind the Company, together with photo identification of such representative.
Trusts and Foundations
  1. Copy of PAN Card,
  2. Bank Statement of the latest month,
  3. Trust deed or extract from register in the country of establishment,
  4. An address proof (telephone or Electricity) bearing the same address as on the form,
  5. A Trust Resolution authorising the selected representative of the organization to bid in the auction on its behalf and bind the organization, together with photo identification of such representative.
Agents Acting on behalf of other Parties

Identification documents for yourself and the other party, together with a signed letter from the client authorising the bidder to act on the client’s behalf. The authorisation form does not apply to payment.

3. What are Bidding Methods?

Registered Buyers can bid in four ways. All are simple and straight-forward:
  • Bidding at the Saleroom

    After you've registered with your photo ID, and picked up your paddle, the real fun begins. In the saleroom, the auctioneer will announce bids in ascending order of lots. If the item and price are right, raise your paddle. Continue until you're the only bidder remaining or you have reached up to your maximum limit on that particular lot. The auctioneer will then bring down the gavel and you'll feel a rush of excitement. It's yours. You've won the auction and your are the new proud owner of it!

  • Bidding on Telephone

    The Bidders who do not wish to be present in the saleroom, or those unable to attend the auction in person can make arrangements with Rajgor’s to bid on the telephone. We will call you from the saleroom when your lot is approaching and will bid on your behalf.

  • Absentee Bids

    Bidders may also choose to submit their Absentee Bids or Written Bids which the auctioneer will execute on their behalf during the auction. Please note that absentee bids should indicate the maximum limit per lot excluding the buyer’s premium. The auctioneer will try and buy the lot at the lowest possible price above or at the reserve for the specified lot.

  • Online Bidding

    A registered buyer can bid Online on the website, till a given time limit. The Online bidding ends before the beginning of the sale in the saleroom. However, a buyer leading in an Online bid may get outbid in the saleroom. The highest bidder in the saleroom will be considered as the final winner of the lot.

We would like to remind our bidders that Rajgor’s does not accept payment from third parties, including agents, and that invoice names and addresses cannot be changed after the sale. If you are bidding on behalf of someone else or using another vehicle to pay, then that party is our client and as such will need to be registered as the bidder.

4. What is a Price Estimate?

  • The estimate figures for each lot are the Auctioneer's estimation of an expected price only. These estimates are not representative of a reserve price and are published by the Rajgor’s as a guide to buyers. Bidders may bid at or within the estimate, or above the estimate, however, bids which are less than the lower estimate will not be considered by the Auctioneer. Estimates are only indicative prices, and do not include buyer’s premium or any taxes, which will be additional.
  • All lots are sold subject to a reserve unless specifically indicated otherwise. All reserves are kept confidential. A Reserve is a confidential price or bid below which the Auctioneer will not sell an item or will re-purchase on behalf of the Consignor or for the Rajgor's Auctions. The Auctioneer reserves the right to place bids on behalf of the consignor up to the amount of a reserve price established by the consigner. Therefore, any bids below the reserve will not be considered by the auctioneer to be a ‘selling price’.
  • Lots are usually opened for bidding in the saleroom, at the current highest Bid, if any, received during the Online Bidding on the website, The Bids are increased in increments of approximately 10%. Any absentee bids that do not meet a standard bidding increment will be rounded down to the previous one. All increments are solely at the discretion of the auctioneer.
  • The final price payable for every lot will be the Hammer Price (the price at which the auctioneer’s hammer falls) plus a Buyer’s Premium of 12.50%, plus applicable taxes, as described below:
  • All lots are subject to a 12.50% Buyer’s Premium which will be added to the Hammer Price of each lot sold. This 12.50% Buyer’s Premium will be subject to Service Tax as applicable making the final Premium (Government taxes are subject to revisions from time to time).
  • A Value Added Tax (VAT) will be applicable on the Hammer Price of each work (excluding the Buyer’s Premium). VAT will be charged at the rate applicable on each object at the time of the auction.
  • Companies and other parties who are registered dealers outside of the state of Maharashtra and eligible for 2% CST (instead of VAT) must provide Rajgor’s with the required documentation and relevant forms.
  • All lots will be on view prior to the sale. Lots are sold as shown with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Neither the Auctioneer nor the seller shall give warranty to any buyer in respect of any lot, or be liable for any fault, absence or error of description. All statements as to the items sold, whether made in catalogues, during the course of the auction, or otherwise are statements of opinion only, and are not and shall not be taken to be statements or representations of fact. The Auctioneer reserves the right in forming his opinion, to consult and rely upon any expert or authority considered by him reliable. Notwithstanding the forgoing, if any lot should have been wrongly described in any material aspect, the buyer may reject the same, provided that he shall have given notice of intention to do so and shall have returned the same to the Auctioneer within seven (7) days from the day of the sale. Under no circumstances will the Auctioneer be liable for any costs, expenses or damages incurred by the buyer in respect of any lot, including, but not limited to, loss of any kind of profit whatsoever.

5. How to Pay?

  • All successful bidders will require putting down a deposit of 10% of the Hammer Price, either in cash or debit/credit card (subject to a fee of 2%) to guarantee their purchase. Non-payment of all balance payments within 7 days post sale would lead to forfeiture of the deposit.
  • Invoices will be mailed to the address indicated on the registration form and a PDF copy on the email address provided. Any change to the invoicing / shipping address as given on the registration form should be communicated to Rajgor’s within 24 hours of the auction. The payment should be made to Rajgor’s within 7 days of the auction.
  • Domestic Buyers can make their payments through cheques, demand drafts and wire transfers. International buyers can pay through wire transfers. Invoices will be raised in Indian Rupees. International buyers who have wire transferred money from an overseas bank account are exempted from paying VAT on the hammer price if the work is directly exported by Rajgor’s through a licensed shipper, with the appropriate and required documentation. However, Service tax will still be applicable on the buyer’s premium, even if the lot is exported out of the country.
  • Cheques and demand drafts should be made out in the name of Numismatic Guarantee Service of India Pvt. Ltd. Cheques should be drawn on a local Mumbai bank account only. For outstation payments, buyers must send only demand drafts, payable at Mumbai or should directly deposit their cheques in the Rajgor’s account in a nearby branch of their city.

6. What is Transfer of Ownership?

  • For all lots (antiquities) in the auction that are registered with the Archaeological Survey of India, the buyer will be required to follow the process of transferring ownership from the seller to their name. As agent for the seller, Rajgor’s is obligated to ensure that the registration and transfer process are completed in accordance with the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 (AAT Act).
  • Once payment has been received in full by the Rajgor’s, the transfer process begins. The property will remain with the Rajgor’s for the duration of the transfer process, and will be handed over to the buyer upon completion.
  • Rajgor’s will not be responsible for any delays in the registration or transfer process. While Rajgor’s will assist with the process, buyers are solely responsible for communicating with the ASI and ensuring that the Registration / Transfer Certificate is received by them safely and accurately.
  • All charges, if any, associated with the registration and transfer process will be borne by the buyer.
  • Kindly note that the name on the invoice and the name on the registration certificate will need to be one and the same.
  • All antiquities registered with the Archaeological Survey of India, or that are over a hundred years old, or are National Treasures or a certain works that are over 75 years old, whether specifically indicated in the catalogue or otherwise, are Not Exportable out of India as per the regulations of the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 (AAT Act), and cannot be taken out of India. Rajgor’s have taken all efforts to determine such lots but do not take responsibility for any lack of information or oversight.

7. How to Collect?

  • Rajgor’s can arrange for local delivery in Mumbai and shipping within India and internationally (subject to provisions of the AAT Act) at the buyer’s expense. The shipping and handling cost will be on a Cost-Insurance-Freight (CIF) basis unless instructed otherwise. If Rajgor’s organises delivery even within Mumbai, transit insurance is mandatory.
  • Shipping instructions should be clearly completed on the form provided with the invoice, and should be sent back at the earliest. Shipping estimates are available on request. Any purchased lots not collected or shipped within 14 days of the auction will be moved to professional storage, at the buyer’s expense.
  • Any lots exported from India will be done in compliance with the export and foreign exchange laws of the country. While Rajgor’s will assist with both shipping and export, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of all export regulations and obtain any necessary licenses or permissions.
  • All purchases must be collected or shipped within 30 days of the auction, subject to the registration process. No works will be delivered or shipped before all payments for purchases, shipping and insurance have been completed.
  • Rajgor’s reserves the right to cancel a sale if payment is not received within 7 days of the auction.
  • Happy Bidding …