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Company Profile:

Rajgor’s are a leading Numismatic Group in India, serving Indian Numismatic and Antiquity fraternity since 1987.

Based in Mumbai, profile of the Rajgor’s is vast and diverse: Ranging from an Academy for creating Numismatic Experts and Professionals; to Publishing research books and popular catalogues; Grading; Certification; Identification and Auctions.

Rajgor’s, the Money Professionals, are also looking after Numismatic Portfolio Management of a number of high net-worth individuals like industrialists, corporate honchos, doctors, advocates, businessmen and art collectors.

As a Corporate Responsibility, the Rajgor’s are organizing regular events called Coin Festival in various parts of the country. Through the Coin Festivals, Rajgor’s try to create public awareness and popularize Indian Coins and Coin Collecting by way of lectures, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and trade fairs.

The Rajgor’s include:

Reesha Books International (since 1999),
Gullak Monthly Newspaper (since 2009),
NGS - Numismatic Guarantee Service of India (since 2011),
Rajgor’s Auctions (since 2012),
Coin Festival (since 2014),
MyHobbyy Society (since 2014), and
Rajgor’s Academy (since 2015).

Upcoming ventures of the Rajgor’s include: (Gift-a-Hobby Store) Festival of Arts)

The Rajgor’s, is founded by Dr. Dilip Rajgor .